Summer: Killing Me Warmly

As it turns out thinking about a post, then attending to the kids instead, (or a shower for myself) does not a blogger make.

It also turns out that I have a wee bit of a self-mascochistic streak, as I dug up photos from the beginning of the year to put side-by-side with the end of the year pictures. This involved digging out the real camera (not the phone) and actually creating a new year folder- halfway into the year. You can see how taxing this must have been for me. [Insert abject weeping]

August 2012

June 2013

I know... WHUUUUUT! I never did believe those people who said "they grow up so fast!" Until today. Cause darn... they DO grow up SO FAST.

So how is summer break going? Well the first day, I had to break it to Bunny that her beloved kindergarten teacher would not be 'coming with her' to first grade. It was heartbreaking, really. I am keeping under wraps the fact that not all of their kindergarten friends will be in the same first grade class as them. I have to let them down slowly on the finality of their kindergarten experience.

As soon as class ended, the weather shifted from "Still hanging onto Spring" straight into "Mindsearingly Hot." So the first few days of summer vacation have been awful outside... and ofttimes inside as well. I continually need to be reminded that this is also a transition for the kids- and THAT is why they are constantly getting into kerfluffles as a yelling, mean, biting group.

At one point, after a particularly awful bedtime, The Husband and I looked at each other & decided we needed something.... like a behavior chart. (and I later added a chore chart)

Since this has already taken up my "allotted blogging time," (aka: the 15 mins before I have to start making dinner) I'll save the details on the behavior charts for another time. And it has only been the second day of behavior chart enforcement, so perhaps I should have more hard data on the results to be of any use anyway.

Onto dinner!

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