Mr. & Mrs. Homebody

The Husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary this weekend. I do not feel the need to add the requisite squeals of joy because they are so obviously embedded in the subtext. (!!! -just for good measure)

I am ravenously excited.

Clearly, we were aware this landmark event was coming up, and spent a good deal of time deciding on how we wanted to celebrate it. Our main points were these:

1) child free days & nights
2) sleeping in
3) professional massages
4) eating everything in sight

So up until this point I have had one child free night; When Little Man was born. I was vomiting profusely in a hospital bed. Obviously it was great fun. And I had a brand new infant to care for along with a gaping c-section wound.

The kids (all three!) are staying over the weekend at my parent's house. I was reluctant to ask such a huge favor, but it is our ten year anniversary! This is a big deal! My parents have been so amazing- and it has been far from easy! They planned tons of fun things, even got an adorable trundle bed for the twins. (The girls were elated)

So the planning turned to our side. I had been looking at small getaways, not too far, and since we live in a tourist destination, local posh hotels. I just wasn't enthused. I kept trying to put my finger on it; was I just a cheapster? Hotels skeeve me out? Most forms of travel give me motion sickness?

My Mom balked at my idea to just stay home. This is a landmark anniversary! Did I want to look back with regret? I've even told people we were going "out of town" just to avoid the looks of pity that we are spending this anniversary at home.

In the days before, I realized it was more than the money. Sure, I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to non-tangible items. (And I really want that top of the line blender on top of it all) My hesitation was beyond that- I just love my home! I adore my bed! We have Netflix and wi-fi! All my clothes and hair products are here. Sitting in my pajamas, only dressing up to go out to eat, well it sounded amazing.

And it has been. We have crossed everything off our "want" list so far! (massages are in a few hours) We aren't in a new town, so we know where all the best eateries are. I've practically eaten myself into a coma! We've seen movies! It has been so easy, no schedules, we make it up as we go along. If there is a wait for a table at our favorite spot? We can wait! We have had zero stress for two whole days.

I feel like a whole new person. And I am wondering why it has taken this long to do this?! I don't like traveling. So I figured these kinds of breaks were out of reach. But no! Staycations are AMAZING!

I am actually excited to pick the kids up tonight. To hear all their magical grandma's house stories! To be a happy Mom once more who enjoys her kids.

Mrs. Homebody is revitalized.

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