Unafraid of Guts

This is the first year the girls were not shrinking away at the thought of slimy pumpkin innards. They dove in, hands first. (Little Man insisted on only using a spoon, scooping up one seed at a time and proclaiming "I got some!" each time. Still my tiny mess-a-phobe)

Squirt "had a dream" about how her pumpkin should look. She explained it, and I sketched it out to make sure we were all on the same page, "both spooky and like he is whistling." Bunny was a bit more lax with her pumpkin design.

The results were quite cute, and everyone was pleased:

Now that the weather is warming up once more, (sigh) we'll see how long these masterpieces can keep from succumbing to rot. 

Holidays are just getting better as the kids grow up. 

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  1. LOVE that last picture. That needs to get into a frame, for sure!