Let the School Shopping BEGIN!

It feels like I have been sitting on my hands for most of the summer, waiting for the Official School Supply List. I have been waiting all summer, and it finally came on Saturday. One week before school. Apparently our school district thinks one week is PLENTY of time to come up with all this stuff.

I beg to differ.

The reason I am sitting on my computer instead of out frantically buying all this stuff is because I have things outside-of-school to do! A plumber is scheduled to come between 8am and 12pm, and of course he isn't going to come closer to 8am, when it would be convenient. I am just waiting around, flitting away the most of the productive part of the day. The plumber will most likely show up at 12, right as I'm trying to feed everyone lunch and shuffle them off to naps. NOT CONVENIENT, plumber!

Color me frustrated.

I am constantly being reminded that twins mean buying two of everything. Kindergarten supplies is no different. Looking at the list and seeing "5 large gluesticks" seems like no big deal until you double that to "TEN large gluesticks." That is... a lot of gluesticks. 3 erasers? Try SIX erasers.

While I'm sure all this stuff isn't exactly "costly," it is more "bulky." So all you people that tell me "I've always wanted twins!" STOP IT.

(not that the twins aren't lovely and wonderful- cause they are)

Thinking about how wonderful Kindergarten time will be, I'm always conflicted because the twins are not really the problem. It is the two year old. I would probably keep the girls home if I could drop the baby off for a few hours each day.

... scratch that: I want to drop all of them off for a couple hours each day. I AM GREEDY.

The uber-busy toddler is really... into everything and wandering everywhere. Three years from now, things are going to be SO EASY, right? Other Moms with kids in full time school tell me no, but I kinda don't believe them.


  1. yes, it is WAY EASIER having all of your kids in school. i'm not messing with you, it is. i LOVE it. i love my kids, and having them home for the summer is pretty awesome, but by the end of the summer, i'm ready for them to go back. but i do love all the time during the day to GET THINGS DONE. and have some ME TIME. i help out at school so i feel like i get to know their school lives too, so i get the both of both worlds! so yes, feel free to look forward to having all your babies in school, it's awesome. :D

  2. Ashley you crack me up. School life is busier. You have places that you have to be. Which is hard. I'm having my second set of twins in about a month and Im so afraid to do it all over again. 5 kids under 7 would give you a whole lot to talk about. On the bright side.... you had the two year old after the twins were a little older. Mine was reversed. A 2 year old then baby twins. Now I'll have a 7 year old 4 year old twins and baby twins. AHHH! Best of luck with your new schedule.