Assorted Sundries

I am completely scattered as of late. It is three weeks to kindergarten, (commence the jubilation/freakout!) I was sick for four whole days which left the house in a state of Daddy's-in-charge-discombobulation, Little Man continues his Teething of Terror, the rest is just... filler. I believe some bullet points are in order.

- Took the girls to the dentist yesterday. Their dentist is, minus the Dumbo Ride, pretty much Disneyland for 5 year olds. I made the mistake of bringing along Little Man, and while they have a train table right next to us, they also have shiny dental tools within arms reach; FUNTIMES. Both girls have serious crowding issues, tiny narrow mouths, and regular-sized teeth. (We are in for some orthodontic fun!) So while we are vigilant with brushing and flossing, they have warning areas in the squished confines between teeth. This visit we were able to scoot by for another 6 months before we look at fillings. (WOO!) The hygienist cleaning their teeth noted that we (as the primary brushers/parents) were doing a remarkable job as they had zero plaque buildup- GOLD STARS FOR ME. Being the daughter of a dental technician, proper dental care takes top billing at our house, (See, Dad! Feel free to give me extra gold stars!) and I get all excitable when professionals applaud my tireless efforts against childhood tooth decay. I may just have a spandex suit and cape under these yoga pants.

As per their usual, the kids walked away from the dentist's office with armfuls of loot. Even the baby, whose only success was keeping his grubby mits off dangerous equipment. Bubbles, balloons, stickers, new toothbrushes, oh the spoils!

- The day I have been dreading has finally come upon us: Boy Destruction. I knew the day the ultrasound confirmed his manhood, something in my house was going to be broken. I was a bit short-sighted in the days of pregnancy; as he's turned out to be the coolest, most awesome boy ever, and I love him dearly. However the reality that something was going to be destroyed loomed, the price we pay for having little boys in the house. 

The first victim was a statue of twin girls that I bought soon after Bunny & Squirt were born. It was in, what I considered to be, an unreachable place- hilarious ignorance.

We've decided to keep him anyway.

- As you may have noticed, I took Little Man in for another haircut. Went in for a trim, left with a curl-hacking. Let's all cross our fingers it grows back into all of its curly-q'd glory. 

- The pile of dishes and laundry left from my convalescing was epic. I am only now getting a handle on it. The Husband has no clue what it takes to keep a household going. Proof of this is that during the whole four days the kids changed out of their pajamas and into daytime clothes ONCE, and that was to go out for dinner. I do hope The Husband went back to work with a renewed appreciation of my "job." In related news, Bunny has been telling us off and on that she is also sick. This usually lasts until the other two kids start having fun. This morning is no different, except that she is sticking to her story, and demanding waffles from the couch. If she is sick, I hope it can make the rounds well before kindergarten. If she is just fishing for attention, I hope I am able to get out to run the errands I had slated for today- we have a schedule, people! 

- One of my biggest fears about Kindergarten: I will arrive on the first day only to have a confused teacher look through the list and inform me my kids are not on it. Is it possible for the administration monkeys to loose the zillions of registration forms I filled out? I still have not heard one iota from the school, and classes start! In three weeks! Seems like I should have been given something more than a half sheet of paper telling only the start/end times. The district website was able to provide merely the actual date classes begin, and a half hour, grueling internet search showed the likelihood of this particular elementary enforcing uniforms as slim. The school's website? Nothing but mission statements- not at all helpful. I cannot shake the expectations of something more. Like a booklet of this-is-how-real-school-works? Or a meet and greet night for us parents to bring the kids, show them their classroom, get acquainted with the idea of school, and their new teacher? Instead I am expected to drop them off in a strange place with new adults, and it's all supposed to be... just fine?! 

I. Am. Skeptical. 

- I am also not going crazy on the back-to-school shopping. It is still summer, and will be so until Halloween. There is no need to buy fall wardrobes until fall actually happens. (and I've had their owl backpacks since they were three, and have been in storage ever since) Perhaps I'll buy a new, special outfit for the first day. You know, for the pictures. 

- I will be researching summer camps for 2013 in the meantime. A recurrence of this summer- it just cannot happen again. 

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