Frequent Flyers

It's done. We're flying. I am most pleased with how much we paid, and how little time I will have to keep Little Man miserably in his infant carrier. Fantastic. 

So now I can start making "The Lists."  I have 7 separate lists going on right now. What I need to buy before we go, What we need to buy when we get there, what to pack in each of our carryons, what we're going to check, etc. 

But I have a question to all you who fly with children:

How strict are they about kids being in "CRS" devices? The girls don't sit in a 5 point harness carseat anymore. The ones we have say "not for aviation." The TSA site recommends kids 20-40 lbs. be in a huge carseat or extremely expensive strapping device. I'm hoping this is merely a "suggestion" rather than a "rule." My kids are supposed to be over 40 lbs. by now... but they're tiny kids. So we're lucky if they're even 30 lbs. yet. 

I figure since they let little babies sit in your lap, then they would let the twins just use a regular lap belt? Or will we get in trouble? 

Thanks for your help. 

Also- how cute are these backpacks

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Owl Backpack, Blue/Red

I know! I almost keeled over from the cuteness too! 
The girls simply had to have them for their super exciting plane ride. 


  1. I have flown a lot with kids and no you don't need any car seats. The girls can just wear the regular seat belt while the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated:). I've seen people do it but it is rare. I ve never done car seat for babies either I just hold them on my lap your supposed to be allowed to do this till there 2 but I only last till there like 18 mnths.
    And so cute backpack I actually bought that brand for taygen it's a doggie. I never saw the cute owl for girls:) good luck on your travel I'm flying also next week I always get a little nervous that my kids will go crazy!

  2. they never made us use a carseat for either of my kids! good luck, and be sure to keep us updated!

  3. Hailyn sat on our lap and we saw other kids about your kids age/size in lap belts- it depends on the specific airline- I'd call them- tell them you are traveling with two twin girls sizes and what they recommend- they will be honest and tell them you ar traveling with little man! little man ndalte ebr Is eren held by mama- and the infant carriers were in the cargo of the plane- you don't have to buy little man a ticket either!

  4. You don't need carseats, but we always take ours because then the boys are strapped in and can't climb around, which makes flying so much easier. But they do check to see if it is airplane rated. If its not they won't let you take it. And we've always been checked at check in, at the gate and then again when we get on the plane. They are really picky about it. And boosters do not qualify as air-safe. It would probably depend on the airline, but we've never flown one that hasn't checked our carseats...