The Things-to-Buy List

This is no huge revelation unless you're new here, but I MAKE LISTS. So many lists. These lists come in handy, and other times they may get so elaborate and extraordinary as to qualify me for a padded cell.

The other day I won a little drawing from Tot Bargains. (THANK YOU!) It was a credit for amazon.com, my Mecca. So obviously I pulled the non-important-must-buy-list. You know the one, it has stuff that is not "essential," sometimes considered "luxuries," and most importantly "expensive."

It is a long list.

And since my birthday is coming up! I thought I would share with you good people. (perhaps to add to your own list?) These would make lovely birthday gifts... for me... or even others, maybe! Or this post is just an excuse to corral all the pretty things in one place for easier future reference? Either way: ENJOY.

Aren't those awesome little bracelets? Very Hamptons. I had to do a fair amount of internet searching to find where these beauties can be purchased (No thanks to lame, noncrediting tumblr accounts that people improperly pin to!) I found my favorite. And my other favorite. Yet more expensive favorites.

Magnetic cups. My mind = blown. Buy here.

I am waiting for this to go on sale at some point. It's the print I want. The other sale-prints are just not what I dream about, and thus I refuse to compromise. I am not one who can justify a $150 diaper bag. Especially when I have one (it is not one that works for me right now, but it is ONE... and I just donated three others)

The throw pillows that came with my sofa  have been flattened to pancake proportions by The Husband. So new pillows means new color scheme, (current one is severely outdated) which will trigger the need to shuffle the rugs around, and put this lovely bit of floor-art as the new style anchor for our living room. This is how the future is going to play out... right?

The last thing is a watch. I am totally stumped on this one. I wear a watch at all times, I have since I was young. For the past 7+ years I have worn the same Michael Kors watch. It has seen better days, and I've been thinking about replacing it, but it finally died yesterday so now I need to kick the watch-hunt into full gear. Help me.

I have thought about a white ceramic. I am worried this trend has one foot out the door, and I would wear it in the winter, too. I don't do seasonal-watches.

This would be firmly in my comfort zone. It is very conservative and would match most anything. 

The ominous white ceramic. This one appeals the most to me in the ceramic category. Do you think it will be outdated in another 5 years? 

What do we think about colors? My last one had a bright orange ring around the dial. I was worried about the bright color, but it turned out to be one of my favorite pops of color. This one is a little over-the-top. I for sure don't want all the "bling." (sorry Mom!) I do like the muted green, I'm such a sucker for green.

What about rose? This seems to be the "thing" now. I couldn't do all rose, but this duo seems nice. 

For reference, this is what I had, except with an orange ring around the dial:

So anyway! Hope this was enjoyable. Let me know what watch is your favorite? Or do you have any other contenders for me? Thanks!


  1. I bought some of those cups... in early May. And we still haven't gotten it.. And they won't email me back - such a bummer.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jen! That is a bummer!

  3. You have EXCELLENT taste.

    And I love the first and last watches the most. I think the ceramic watches are on their way out.

  4. I like that Stella Fossil watch! I just picked out a new one for my birthday last month, and I was put off by all the "bling" on their watches now. The one I got has a rhinestone-type ring around the outside (like the one pictured, but all white) and it's not as drastic as I thought. I actually really like it now that I have it. If I had seen the colored stones I probably would have gotten it!

  5. Cute bracelets - what size? And I couldn't get the link to the magnetic cups to work.... help?