Ten Reasons Why I Don't Work Out

Have you heard how much I loathe summer? All the intolerable heat, the sweating, the sunburns, the swimsuit shopping.

This has caused me to reflect on why my tummy is so squishy, and I dread the thought of lazing by the pool (that and the three non-swimmers I have to corral/keep from drowning)

1. I really hate sweating. (I know, I must be the only one!)

2. In an ideal world I would take about three showers a day, one in the morning, one after I've been running about getting all dirty, then another before going to bed so I can slumber in squeaky cleanliness. In the REAL world I can get one shower in... if I am lucky. Even then I am refereeing quarrels... in the wet. Working out makes me all icky, and I can't stand that feeling for any length of time.

3. Who has the time these days?!

4. What do I do with the children? They are no longer satisfied with being buckled up into strollers and carted around while I jog. No, they need to stop every ten seconds to pick a flower or toss around a found pinecone. They're too big for strollers, but too small to keep up with me- dilemma!

5. If I do chance upon some fleeting moments of spare time, working out is the last thing I want to do! I'd like to have a hobby... or catch up on my quickly-filling-DVR... or even unpack a couple boxes!

6. It sucks, man! Working out in any form!

7. The dogs think I have started a game when I begin my Pilates routine. It's never fun getting nipped on the nose by a playful puppy, while working the glutes.

8. While it does suck being the chubby girl, it sucks more to be shackled down to a workout routine/schedule/compulsory time drain. I enjoy flexibility.

9. Did I mention how much I loathe sweating?

10. (another, equally important reason I fail to recall at the moment- maybe my arthritis?)


  1. AMEN! I have just about made peace with the fact that I can wear a size or two larger pants and never, ever, ever work out. I think that's a fair trade.

  2. WORD and what? chubby girl? you are crazy!! you look good mama!! I hear you if I get a spare second I want to sleep- or unpack- or sleep...

  3. Coming from someone who does work out, I totally agree with your assessment! Reading this made me question my own sanity. :)