Some Things Make Me Cranky

- At some point last month someone showing our (empty AND under contract) house, cranked up the heater to SEVENTY TWO. In the middle of winter. And neglected to turn it back off. So I got a GINORMOUS gas bill from our (again, empty!) sold-as-of-yesterday house.

- The recycling is only picked up every OTHER week. While the trash is picked up twice weekly. I feel like an empty plastic bottle hoarder.

- This headache. Brains... exploding.

- The fact that I inexplicably bolted awake at 5:30am, and could not go back to sleep. Now It's 3:30pm and I am exhausted. (but I'd probably be exhausted anyway)

- While I thought I had made a list of dinners to make this week, and grocery shopped accordingly, here we are at TUESDAY night and I have no idea what to serve for dinner. Oh, and we even had take-out last night. (celebratory Five Guys burgers for "officially" being free of the huge mortgage that was our house... gee, have I talked about that house much?)

- These people! These tiny people that expect me to come up with three meals a day, every day! The nerve.

- There is nothing good on TV tonight. Boo.

- I need to file the taxes. But that means I will also have to delve into the mountain of paperwork that pertains to our short sale. All the LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY YOU OWE US stuff makes me all... ow.

- Daylight FREAKING Savings Time. When will I stop having such a visceral reaction to this twice yearly pain in my... [add the worst possible swear-word you can think of here] Children do not understand this DST. (I don't! And I'm an adult) So when you wake them up at seven they squint and look at you like, "Hey! Why ya waking me up at six?!" (and proceed to act like sleep deprived children all day) Then try and put them to naps! It's not naptime! It's lunchtime! I don't care what the infernal clock says!

- I painted the girls' nails all pink and purple-sparkly. In the blink of an eye, Bunny has picked it all off and is now whining about how unfair it is that Squirt still has her polish. Unfair. (to me)

- Picnik is closing. And now I guess I'll have to start using Photoshop again.

- The fact that I have become positively addicted to Bering Sea Gold, and I have to wait a whole three days for another installment. I cannot wait this long.

Now for some things that do not make me cranky: 

A little boy who insists on his very own park bench to nibble on a snack.

Ok, so that was just one thing.


  1. The food thing kills me too. I can have the grandest of plans for healthy, homemade meals...and then the girls end up with a hot dog and I eat cheese and crackers. ugh...

    Picnik upsets me too! I don't have Photoshop and don't really want to learn how to use it. I guess it's all Instagram pictures from here on out.

  2. BAH!!! I hear you!! Taxes shouldnt be TOO hard this year- next year yes- it's a nightmare but it works out- hang in there- I say spring is SPRING FEVER CRAZY and summer should be nice and mellow- I hope- deep breaths! Lemme know if you need anything- oh and h ate chicken nuggets for lunch and dinner- that's called meal planning;) bahahaha! I figure she is fed, what can you do? haha some days are like that!