DIY Jell-o Cups

The problem with Jell-o Cups: 
- The selection of non-sugar-free Jell-o is pretty sad. Orange and Strawberry: that's it. I don't like the idea of the sugar-free kind because it seems like just a bunch of chemicals, and since these are more of a treat for my kids, it's ok to have some sugar once in a while. 

- A pack of six cups (like the picture above) is over FOUR DOLLARS. With twins, that means three servings. For FOUR DOLLARS. Have I mentioned they are FOUR DOLLARS yet? 

Now you think I am a cheapskate. (which I am) Either way... I was walking down the aisles of the grocery store and noticed the huge variety of make-your-own Jell-o. There are a ZILLION flavors of regular, sugar-full, Jell-o. And they are under a dollar. ONE DOLLAR. So I threw a couple boxes into my cart- the girls were going to be thrilled. 

Then I started thinking logistics: A large bowl of Jell-o taking up valuable fridge space? Meh. And scooping them into bowls? Seems like portion sizes could get a little out of hand. 

Then a stroke of genius hit... 


I have twelve from... one or another recipe I got off Pinterest, probably a cobbler or cheesecake. 

Anyway, I put the pieces together: Jell-o + little mason jars = CHEAP JELL-O CUPS.

It was all super-easy. I made 12 cups from two little boxes and spent $2. I WIN TODAY!

Easily pour the hot liquid into the tiny jars- I only spilled once! 

I even found all the tops and rings to the set of twelve. Aren't you proud of me, internet? I did not lose twelve tiny accessories that I didn't think I would ever need again! 

Can you tell I am kind of psyched by this? It's kind of a game changer. As in I don't have to wince when I buy these "special treats" to bribe the kids to eat their meals. And I get to unleash my inner-hippie as I am sending fewer plastic cups to a landfill. 


  1. Success! I'm impressed. And I love how many flavors of jello exist.

  2. Awesome! I just started doing this too! But my jars are way too big, where did you find those SUPER CUTE tiny jars??

  3. Very cute! My girls would love this. I'm pinning it. : )