MacGyver'd Food

I do not think I can stress to you just how long and grueling this week has been. I actually woke up this morning (Friday) and thought it was Sunday. The truth was pretty punishing, there would be three more days of sick husbands, grumpy children, etc. I'm really looking forward to a) everyone being well again, b) The Husband going to work, and c) getting on with life as normal.

Tonight I found myself making dinner. The ravioli was bathing in boiling water, and this is when I found out we were out of marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, the whole deal. I should preface this with the fact that our pantry is pretty bare at the moment. Neither of us has felt up to going grocery shopping. We were barely able to go out and fix the tire situation- a whopping three days after the fact. That's another $500 bucks I did not expect on flushing down the drain. Buying tires, like shoe shopping: all the loss of wallet contents, none of the exhilarating rush of strutting down the street in stilettos.

Was I going to the store to pick up some spaghetti sauce? Um, it's dinnertime and I am still in my pajamas... trying to remember the last time I had a decent shower. Safe answer? No. I will not be leaving the premises.

I had to get pretty creative and cook up a homemade sauce. (it's after the meatball part) The recipe technically calls for 2 cans of tomato sauce. I had one can of tomato paste. I stir in one can of water, hoping the result will be some variation of the needed tomato sauce. Amazingly, it came out ok, and I was strutting around the house for a while feeling pretty confident in myself.

After the girls went to bed, I got the munchies. I asked The Husband, "how hard do you think it would be to make brownies from scratch?" He chuckled heartily and exclaimed "If you want to work that hard for it, go right ahead!" Pinterest gave me this option:

I had a ton of cocoa powder, so I whipped it up. Results? It's not terrible. It's certainly better than traipsing to the store for a boxed brownie mix. The Husband actually liked it. I thought it tasted a bit like Hot Cocoa Mix in cake-form.

But still, I feel pretty hot-to-trot as a housemaker. Like, yeah! I made a whole meal out of PRACTICALLY NOTHING. I win. Also? I am feeling slightly better this evening. There is hope that I will not feel sick for ETERNITY!

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