A Little Of This

He opens the screen, by himself:

Then he yells at the puppas, "Hush! No barkin'!"

... And that's why we keep him around!

I am rather enjoying this age of 2. There are much fewer epic screaming fits. He's quite the polite little gentleman in fact, "yes please," "thank you," and "bless you" are in his regular vocabulary rotation. He even says thank you after I tuck him in at night. I answer back, "no, thank you." 

The getting-into-things-he-shouldn't has decreased. (I say this even after he hands me a thermometer pilfered from the kitchen drawers) This little boy may have finally figured out the toys we give him are actually much more fun than expected. That, and books- he's SO into books. I often worried about the girls, as they were more fond of gnawing on books than reading them. (this has changed with the preschool library- they love books, but back in the sucking-on-books-days, I was a bit worried we were headed for the short bus... and yes, I felt like a horrible parent even thinking it, but still) Little Man has been hot on reading since practically birth, I'm guessing the girls had something to do with it.

Life is especially sweet now that things are officially back to "normal." We all got better, (an idea which seems impossible in the middle of sickness) The Husband went back to work, voila! Normalcy! 

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