The Grey Lady

Scene: getting ready for bed, Husband is brushing teeth, I am putting on over-night eye cream.

Husband: (with a toothbrush still in his mouth) You don't need that stuff you know.

Me: It's a preventative measure.

Husband: Murf, murf, gargle... ridiculous.

Me: (as I'm brushing out my hair for the evening) The grey hairs are seriously multiplying. Like rabbits. This sucks.

Husband: Oh please. You are so delusional.

Me: Oh really! See for yourself! (shoving my head in his face)

Husband: (takes a peek and backs away) Aw, man. That does suck. And all this time I thought you were being overly dramatic...

Me: Gee, I feel so much better now!

Husband: But you're going to dye it, right?

Me: (glare)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA I tell Ryan he ages me tremendously- it's ok- his little sis who turned 19 today I was mistaken for her MOTHER

  2. Tell him that your going to highlight it with a "special conditioner"!!! It's crazy that men look distinguished with gray hair and women just look older!! I am going to "special condition" my hair until the day I die!!! It's all in your genes Ash!!! I should have been born gray with my Mom and Dad prematurely graying.. Can't change the genes!! Just appreciate them!! Cup half full stuff!! Merry Christmas!! Love you!!

  3. It's probably not grey, at all.... those are BLONDE hairs coming in!!! Remember, "blondes have more fun!"... It's all in the attitude (ask me, I know!)! XO