Duplos and Chubby Baby Hands

The post-nap climate of our house is either "the best of times" or "the worst of times." More than likely, it degenerates into the latter of the two. Only on scant few glorious occasions does naptime hit the kids' RESET button and restore them to their default mood: tolerable (they are generally happy and lovely children, in this regard I am crazy-lucky)

There are days when Little Man has woken up "on the wrong side of the crib," if you will. And he is a monster. A monster of shrieks and wildly unreasonable demands. There is usually a lot of thrashing around on the floor in a fit of rage... not only by me.

Well one particularly prickly post-nap evening found Little Man playing with his Duplo blocks. (a certain little boy's favorite pastime) Except on this occasion, Munch (as I am affectionately calling him these days- a shortened version of Munchkin... and the fact that my boy is an EATER- much unlike his big sisters) found his lack of fine motor skills extremely troubling. He took it as a personal insult that the little block tower he was trying to construct did not magically build itself, but rather crumbled easily when swung around and manhandled by chubby baby hands. I give you the proof in all of it's full-speaker-volumed-glory:

It was both hilarious and driving me bonkers. He was clearly upset with his clumsy baby reflexes,(which is just plain funny to me) however these fits of rage lasted ALL EVENING, until I put him to bed early... just because I couldn't take the screaming any more. 

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  1. I find Mack to be much like your little cutie...Would you say your girls were easier (well, if there was only one, but you know what I mean...) I'd love to know your thoughts on boys vs. girls!