What Will Grow

Shortly upon moving into the New House, the weather turned unseasonably cool, and my little heart lept with excitement. I went from room to room flinging the drapes wide and opening windows. My last stop was the window right above the kitchen sink. Oh, how I could imagine a lazy evening doing dishes while the crisp air wafted in. My pastoral scene was about to be dashed... by a forest of unbelievably mature... weeds. An army of towering weeds. So many weeds! I'd honestly never seen such a mele of neglect in the forgotten limbo deep between ours and the neighbor's house. I had to take pictures to prove I am not joking when I say the weeds had grown well beyond my stature:

As The Husband left for work, I announced my plans to rip out the weeds- both in our yard... and the neighbors. "Leave the neighbor's yard out of it." He cautioned. I, of course, ignored him. I was the one that had to see these weeds every morning. I picked the wham out of them- only making a small dent in the work, sadly. I may just have to leave a Post It on the neighbor's door- PICK YOUR FREAKING WEEDS ALREADY. I started- YOU'RE WELCOME. 

I also need to find the harboring house for a nest of hornets that play around in our yard- they need a mean little Post It too.

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