Let's Take a Poll!

I have heard it is a good idea to take pictures of issues you would like to bring up with your pediatrician. I have done this in the past, and found it quite useful advice. Oftentimes I call in distress, only to have the problem magically disappear by the time we get to see the doc. This is where pictures come in.

Well, we have been battling a vague diagnoses of eczema and possible food allergies with Little Man. Each time I bring it up, my pediatrician does not seem too alarmed- and this can get maddening. Especially when I have a little boy with skin like this:

Alarming, no? 

I am frustrated because I keep getting the standard "did you switch laundry detergent recently?" rundown from the doctors. Look, this is not my first rodeo- I am hip to the Dreft routine, kids. I simply cannot figure out what is causing him to react so fiercely. So let's have it- call the doc in the morning? Do you have THE ANSWER?


  1. My son had skin like that from
    6mths-18mths. It was raw and sometimes open like sores. No one could diaganose it. He is also my third..and we went thru the detergent/soap/sunscreen...etc.
    You need to start by writing down everything you feed him and what his skin looks like 30min after and then an hour after and so on. You have to be armed when you go to the peds. Pictures are a great start though.

  2. My whole fam has eczema and that's what it looks like. I agree with Adrienne about keeping a log of what he eats and the reaction shortly after, just to see if it MIGHT be an allergic reaction. If not, just the same old dye-free, fragrance-free, sensitive skin, blah blah blah for everything that might touch his poor skin. I'm sure you've already heard of every product out there, but my sibs and I could only use Eucerin on our skin. It's SUPER thick and worked really well. Try it out, if you haven't already. Good luck and I hope you can get it under control!! :)