AND THEN there was a pregnancy scare

We are moving this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. I am both excited beyond reason to be settled, and overwhelmed at the thought of unpacking. Apparently the universe has decided that I cannot be crazy stressed over just ONE big change. Ho, no. Last week I started realizing that the past two months had been missing something... a certain... visitor. This threw me into a panic of epic proportions. I mean, really. Can you even imagine it?! No- I couldn't either. Then- either by coincidence- or just extreme psychological suggestion- I started feeling nauseous. And then sickly... borderline comatose on the couch for five days. At one point I decided that a call to the OB was necessary. (after four, count 'em FOUR, at-home-pregnancy-tests came out negative) The nurse chirped something about how it was not out of the ordinary to have missed months when on my kind of pill. But she would inform the doctor and call back if this was not the case. You bet I got a call back- because things just can't go that easy for me. The doctor wanted to see me, so I scheduled an appointment for the earliest next day slot they had. (thank goodness for Grandmas who are willing to wake up at ungodly hours to watch three pajama'd munchkins)

After telling the doc the ISSUE- she just looked at me funny and asked "That's all?" I just about lost it. THAT'S ALL?! YES. I am moving in THREE DAYS, and would prefer not to have OUTGROWN a four bedroom house before then. And... I have TWINS... and a BABY. I HAVE ENOUGH BABIES RUNNING AROUND MY HOUSE!

She shrugged and said "If it's really bothering you, I can switch your prescription to something else." I was struck speechless. Clearly this lady (not my actual OB- love her. This was a PA or something) had no idea what kind of mental anguish I had been putting myself through. Having another baby? OUT OF THE QUESTION.

I was tempted to request, or rather demand and ultrasound. I felt like I needed the reassurance of seeing an EMPTY UTERUS by that point. Luckily for the doctor-lady, I had the wind knocked out of me by all the casual whatever-ness that was being thrown at me over the situation. I could barely walk to the checkout counter.

It's not like I had nothing else going on either! I felt so bad strapping my Mom with the kids so early, and at a really bad time in general. All of what happened at the office could have easily been done on the phone. A different prescription could have been called into the pharmacy. Plus, I could have not been forced to eat so many ice cream sandwiches due to the crazy stress of possibly being knocked up.

It's just all too much, I tell you. I am currently placating myself with the notion that EVENTUALLY we will be all settled, unpacked, and happy in the new house. AT SOME POINT THIS WILL HAPPEN.... RIGHT?

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