Weekend Recap

Saturday I took The Husband to see the rental house. He approved. Since things were already decided by that point, the opinion was rendered moot. My dear, sweet husband, he lets me make all the big life decisions unilaterally.  This may be why our marriage works at the end of the day; I get my way. (love him!) The Husband tags along. (free marriage advice! What a deal!) So we signed the papers on the new digs, and I went full speed ahead into Space & Decor Planning Mode. (use your ominous announcer voice for that last part) I am sketching out the general floorplan and playing with furniture placement. There are four different scenarios for the downstairs. When we move... you know, in an eternity from now... June, I WILL BE READY to direct the flow of traffic as movers with couches come flooding in. Control freak, much? Yes.

I'm still undecided as to what to do with the downstairs den. It's closed off with double doors, right next to the family room, and we are already establishing a playroom upstairs. So... what do we put in the den? Make it into an office? Perhaps I will store all the power cords there, but I quite like sitting at the kitchen island typing away. The kids have also become accustomed to the appearance of adult supervision as I zone out on the laptop. Do we need two playrooms? I do like the idea of shutting the doors and hiding all the brightly colored plastic playthings when I have company. But really? Two entire rooms dedicated to the storage of toys? Seems a little to generous. There's also the idea to make the den into a TV room. It would be nice, as I'm unsure if our family room furniture will obstruct the flow of the house if actually placed in the family room. (Welcome to our home! Try not to stumble over the coffee table!) But then the kids would be unable to watch Team UmiZoomi over their pancakes in the morning. I'm not sure if that's gonna fly.
What it will most likely turn into is a room full of boxes I have not unpacked. Geez, that's depressing.

There's also the problem with... (a hushed silence descends upon the smoky back room) ALL THE CARPET. I have a rather large, rather expensive, rather gorgeous, wool rug. One of my special finds I picked up for a mere $100, tucked between cheapo rugs at a model home furniture sale. I will never let this rug go; Because it's worth a ton of money- and I got it for a song! I've always been an anti-rug-atop-carpet person. Rugs are for hard surface flooring- like tile- or ideally hardwoods. Should I bend my rigid belief system and put the rug on top of the carpet? OH, THE AGONY.

Then onto Mother's Day: 

Mother's Day kinda sucked around here. Late Saturday evening, I started to suspect that I was succumbing to a cold. My predictions were right. I was sick. As was Bunny, Squirt, and Little Man. Oh joy. The only one left unscathed was The Husband. Poor guy, catering to four whiny zombies. It wasn't a great Mother's Day for him either. So Mother's Day has been rescheduled to next weekend. (go get some discount Mother's Day cards while you still can!)

And Also The Boy:

I may have forgotten to mention! We're paying special attention to Little Man as of late. After his 15 mo. check up, the doctor asked how he was walking and talking. Walking? Check! And double check! More like running in an extremely unstable manner!
Talking? Not so much. Well how much? Um, not at all? He shakes his head "no." And he grunts in slightly different fashions for "can I have this thing I'm pointing at?" along with "you have angered me and must suffer the consequences," and finally: "pick me up... now, woman!"

This bothered the doc. He's apparently supposed to have words coming out of his adorable little mouth by now? Like "Mama," "No," "More," etc? The pediatrician checked his ears and noticed they were inflamed, (I blame the half hour of body quaking screams at being weighed, measured, and examined by a nurse) I was handed a prescription to decided to try antibiotics. The idea is that he can't hear due to a pretty out of control ear infection. I have my doubts on this diagnosis- but I'd like this to be the case anyway. Because it's an easy fix. Other possible culprits? Not so much.

Ok, now I must go back to my living room sketches. Happy Monday to y'all!

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