Checking on the Limes

I am actually growing something more than flowers! These things are edible! I've always dreamed of growing my own produce, picking my own cilantro from the back porch and sprinkling it over tacos. But then I remember I live in a harsh, unforgiving desert. And well... I'm terrible at remembering to water, trim, or in any way care for a plant. Luckily, The Husband hooked up a dripper to a couple pots. Guess which plants fared well... and which are now just pots with dirt that the kids dig around in? Yes. Luckily, lemons are relatively easy to care for- and I have remembered to feed them the special citrus food for three consecutive months so far!

The girls and I have gotten entirely caught up in lime-fever. We've had the lemon tree for a couple years, but the blooms have never been pollenated properly. (one year I tried to do it myself with a paintbrush- fail)  This year we have an influx in bees for some reason and they loved the lemon tree. Loved it. Pollenated almost all of the flowers, and now we have around ten little limey looking lemons growing.

There is a daily lime watch in effect at our house. And it is freaking magical, yo.

The Husband gets all huffy when I reference them as "limes." They are lemons. That are green. And look suspiciously like limes. 

I have been assured the little sprouts will turn yellow... eventually.

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