Amnesia for Sanity

In those early days, the vast majority of questions I would get as the mother of twin wee ones was a variation on "How do you do it?!" To me, this was simply an unanswerable inquiry at the time. HOW do I do it? I dunno! It just... happens! I'm tired. I'm cranky, sometimes. Large scale organization and a type A personality helps- but really, I didn't know anything different. The twins were my first foray into parenting. (talk about jumping in head first!) It wasn't until Little Man came along that I really "got" that question. I find that I ask myself the same thing all the time: How did I get through the rough patches of early childhood... with two?

On days like yesterday when I was confined to an itty bitty exam room with a busy 16 mo. old for almost two whole hours, I wondered how I was able to handle two little monkeys without totally losing it. (ok, so I may have had a few... erm "moments" along the way) Somehow I am here... and I'm still a semi-functioning person/parent/wife!

Little Man didn't want to tinker with toys, play patty cake, or any other "baby" activity I offered up as entertainment. Nope, he insisted on sitting and waiting for the doctor in his own chair... reading one of the lame office magazine. It cracked me UP!

There are plenty of times when I am exhausted, the baby is particularly squirmy, and I just don't know how I handled two toddlers like this! Just the one is a total handful!

The landscape has become so much... I hate to call it... easier? Smoother? Different! Now that the girls are walking on their own, can get in and out of the car "all by self," eat more normal non-baby foods in regular dining room chairs, can be left in a room when I'm in another area of the house, no longer require diapers, (they can even go to the potty unassisted!) in general requiring a lower level of constant supervision... oh, it's just peachy! 

It is a tradeoff, as Bunny called me "stupid" the other night when I put her in timeout. Whatever, I can deal with a little name calling. (more timeout for you, mouthy!)

Remember when I was trying to just contain them so I could take a shower? How did I get anything accomplished when I was worried about the girls not just hurting themselves- but wreaking havoc on the ever so conveniently located innocent twin sister? The new order of raising the twins has changed so dramatically. I'm reminded of just how far we've come as I watch Little Man grow. He's such a great baby/toddler, but still... SO MUCH WORK all by himself. 

I guess this is more of a triumphant tale about how it does get easier- I swear

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