The Usual Suspects

Somebody got a mysterious greasy black tar all over their shoe.

Somebody did not remove their sneakers before traipsing upstairs.

Somebody made a gigantic trail all over the carpet, up and down the stairs, around the loft, and down the hall. The ick is impervious to all the normal cleansers in the house. 

That somebody is me

I'm freaking out because the house is on the market... the hope is at some point we'll be showing the house to potential buyers (crossing fingers) and the stains are really! obvious! Like, smack you upside the head obvious. If I was sure that a professional could fix it, I would gladly hire them.  It's just that... I've tried everything and none of the stains will budge. So if I flit away all the money on cleaners and I am still left with the spots- then what? But really what I am I going to do anyway? Replace the entire upstairs carpet? Probably not.

Perhaps the no shoes upstairs rule should be strictly abided to by the... ahem... more senior members of the household as well.

While the spots on the carpet may not be entirely visible in this shot, I feel that my emotions on the subject are aptly captured in the posing of the dolls. 

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  1. oh my!!! I would say hire a cleaner for sure- do you have a carpet cleaner? We have a hoover one with the cleaner stuff to use if you want to give that a shot first! BOYS!!!! SHEESH!!! and the last pic cracks me up- just your wording- ahhhh