Me: Ok, girls! What do ya want for breakfast?

Squirt: Pancakes! I want pancakes! (she says this every morning)

Bunny: I want money.

Me: You want... money... for breakfast.

Bunny: Yes.


(as The Husband bends over to pick up something he dropped)

Squirt: Dadda! You have a big butt!

Bunny: Yeah, Dad! You have a big butt! (giggling)


Bunny: Mama, I want some of those mushrooms.

Me: Mushrooms? I don't think we have any mushrooms!

Bunny: (belligerent foot stomping) I! Want! Mushrooms! (pointing to the bag of marshmallows on the counter.

Me: Oh... You want marshmallows?

Bunny: Yes. Marshrooms.

Me: And here I was thinking you wanted some vegetables for once. Silly me.


We're one embarrassing shopping trip away from an overly enthusiastic observation of "Look at that fat guy! Why is that guy so fat?!"


Little Man has convinced himself he can talk. All day it's strings of Ayayayaya! And Ooooosssss! And if I mimic along... well isn't that just the best thing ever! I wonder what conversations he thinks are taking place.

Gavin: Ayayayayaya! Pffffft!
(Translation: I can put this rock in my mouth, right?)

Gavin: Ooooooossss! Dadadada! Aaaaaa!
(Translation: When you're not looking, I am going to grab and yank Scotty's tail)

Gavin: Uhuhuh! Zazazzzaza! Ousousous!
(Translation: I'm so glad you aren't noticing that I'm getting into the Basket Of Stuff Baby Is Supposed To Stay Out Of)

Mommy to Gavin: No Biting!
(Translation: Quit biting my shoulder, kid! It hurts! I have bruises!)

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