Runaway Train of Bad

This week has felt much like the M. Night Shamalyan series... it just kept getting worse.

Monday! I crammed all three kids into a 12x12 waiting room. And we waited... for three hours. That'll teach me to try and go to a doctor's appointment without finding a babysitter! Consider that lesson learned!

Tuesday! Mental note: It's ill advised to try and take all three kids to a spaghetti dinner fundraiser while The Husband is still at work. Thankfully we sat in the back... I'm pretty sure we were the only family to knock over two glasses of water and drown the table. At the "end" of the night (when I called it quits and retreated home) both kids were soaked.

Wednesday! Gavin decides to skip naptime- apocalypse now! Bunny has taken a few steps back on the road of potty training. Again, and then again, and then again! Three messy or wet panties in one day. It's especially humiliating in public.

Thursday! General busy-ness. Including another public pooping. The things we parents are subjected to sometimes is appalling.

Friday started out with much of the same- the little pecking away of my sanity- twins waking up an hour early... etc. I was scream-y by this point of the week. The girls were acting up, the baby was grumpy, and a half hour after leaving for work, The Husband showed up. He'd got the day off from work in a miraculous fluke! I squealed. The Husband took the girls out and we ended up having a fantastic day!

A little too fantastic at one point. The Husband took the kids to browse around a pet store and buy some kibble for our two crazy, crazy dogs. I know the drill when at the "animal store." Before you even get to the dogfood, you have to round the gerbils, the fish, the lizards, then catch the birds on the way back to check out. I got a call at the fish stop. The transcript should tell the rest of the story:

Husband: They've got these adorable tiny fish tanks over here! One has a Little Mermaid theme, the other is Finding Nemo! They're so neat!

Me: That's nice. Where exactly are you going with this?

Husband: The girls would love a fish in their room!

Me: You simply can't be serious. YOU THINK WE NEED ANOTHER PET?!

Husband: Just one! One TINY little fish!


Husband: Aww, c'mon!

Me: N.O. F.I.S.H.

Husband: It would be fine! It would be great!

Me: If you bring a fish home... I will be serving sushi for dinner.

Husband: I love sushi!


I hung up and prayed an additional member of our family would not be walking through the front door. I simply couldn't fathom dealing with more animals! Fish are smelly! Fish need to be fed on a regular basis! Geez louse! I've already got a disgruntled dog peeing on anything that will sit still long enough for him to lift his leg! Enough with the pets!

Good thing The Husband got the message... and we went about having a lovely morning. Fish-free.

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  1. I hear ya- I LOST hailyn at a fundraiser last week- yeah- solo- scariest moment of my life- and we always knock a glass of water over at cafe rio- EVERY TIME!!! and th epet thing- I hear ya- I tell Hailyn that fish live at the store- mean? perhaps. But fish freak me out- really they do. and I wont get a new dog when this one kicks the bucket- I'm over he poop and pee and attention thing- thats what kids are for- and I love my kid- but add a dog to the mix with little ones- ahhhhh the brain!! maybe when they are older:) and remember- fish live at the store!! or the ocean or lake!! hehe