Dumb... and somewhat lazy

Sorry for the lack of content around here lately. I recently inherited a beautiful new blogging machine from my little brother. It's shiny, silver, and has a little fruit on the front.

I have yet to move all the stuff from old computer to new. I am unsure on how to do this because I'm working with two different OS systems. (I'm really not as techy as I let on) I am pretty comfortable with Mac, having used them extensively in college... but that was, um, years ago. So I'm quite rusty. And going back & forth from PC to Mac is making my brain implode just a little bit.

So I have been away from the internet. I don't even know how to get my pictures from camera to new shiny computer. I'm pretty useless, it turns out. Until I get little brother over here to help me and light a fire to get this new machine fully functional- I am just checking in on the internet from my trusty ipod. It's no way to live- I will rectify this soon... maybe... after the dishes?

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  1. no worries!!! I just got a mac a month ago and it was hard to transition but I figured it out- you will too- your oc will seem clunky!!! haha! call or text if you need a quick navigation guide or question answered- I called ryan like forty times:)