Oh Yes, And That

In my ultimate act of avoidance, I have thrown myself into full on obsession over something I cannot control to avoid dealing with something that is too serious for me to really wrap my head around. The Husband has ordered a cease and desist on all my talking about, researching, and generally stressing over where we are going to live next. We need to get rid of our current residence first. End of discussion. And so I started emailing Ms. Realtor. "Is it a bad sign that we haven't had ANY interest in our house WHATSOEVER?" The answer? No- the house has been on the market an entire week- chill the freak out.

So, unable to agonize over that situation, I turned to the Little Man and his Scary CT Situation... the scary dark thing in the closet I have been trying to cover up with other issues. An inordinate amount of time had passed without hearing anything back from our pediatrician after the test.

SIDE NOTE: if your child ever needs to hold still for a scan like that, be it CT, MRI, etc. Make sure you get IV sedation. Nurses like to generalize the word "sedation." (that leads to problems like this) I made the same mistake with Little Man, assuming that sedation meant knock out done and wake up sedation. Nay. The nurse looked at me all puzzled and informed me her facility did not employ anesthesiologists and they were banking on getting my sleep deprived and starving one year old to drift off with a bit of glorified Benadryl. There was fury, but in the end it wasn't as difficult at Bunny's ordeal. However, I still don't like the "sedation" song and dance. My kids don't operate that way. They get crazy and thrashy when deprived of sleep... even with medication... and it is absolutely the seventh circle of hell.

ANYWAY... It was silence after the test and that made me worried. Or not worried. I was not sure. So I left a casual "hey, call me back at some point on the CT business" message and tried not to dwell on it.

I received a call back later that day. No problems. Totally normal scan! No worries! I was overwhelmingly relieved. Of course, always in need of something to be bothered about, I did balk at how whatevery the office made it out. I had been worried about this for weeks. Had I not called and been pestering them, would the office had called me to put my mind at ease at some point? Seems like a pretty important call from my perspective. I know they are busy, and probably see a lot of tests that come back abnormally and have to break some pretty bad news to some parents. (my heart goes out to them) I just would have liked a more timely, unprompted perhaps, heads up. Cause the world revolves around me and my problems... obviously.


  1. I can't believe they didn't call back! COME ON! Glad Little Man is A-OK though! I've been thinking about you guys.

  2. Wow...I dont' know who you deal with but you should go to mine. LOL...now we didnt' get prompt response as in the day of or next day but it was communicated WHEN we would find out and what an "no call" meant in the mean time...so I was never worried about the whatif's. that being said, I have not yet once had to use sedation...(I know lucky me) my kids are the total exception especially when they looked at us like we had three heads when we told them we were opting to skip sedation as our infant was fighting sleep. I said if you can get us back in 15 minutes I can guarantee you she will sleep through it....and she did! Okay sorry...don't hate me..and HUGS so glad little man is A-Okay!