Clippy Time

Up until the age of two, my darling daughters had been effectively bald. The cute bows, clips, and various matching hair accessories have mocked me from their shelves. Even now at 4, the twins have very fine locks that merely recently grown just past their shoulders. I have had no luck braiding, piggy tailing, or otherwise doing up the girls' hair since birth. As they have scarcely had the hair to support much "doing," the girls have become accustomed to always sporting rougueish, untamed hair. They normally refuse to let me touch it- it's a miracle if I can even brush their crazy bed head before stepping outside the door!

Today was oddly different in that the duo requested "clippies." I had bought a couple fun ribbony hair ties years ago assuming they would, at some point, have real hair. Sadly, upon pulling their hair back, I realized there was no way they had enough volume or quantity to keep the band from sliding right off. (perhaps I shouldn't let them go to waste and glam up my own hair with a mess of pink curly ribbons) A good rummage through my vanity drawer yielded some promising little clips:

Finally! It seems as though I am taking an interest in my girls' appearance for once! I may be terrible at it, but there's at least proof of an effort!

So happy... and pretty!

So why am I blogging about this insanely minor detail of my day? Because it reminded me of a certain picture from three whole years ago: 


That is my Bunny in March of 2008. I remember being so excited to get a clip in her hair and have it stay there long enough to snap a picture. It was sadly monumental for me. 

I can hardly remember my sweeties at this age. I'm glad to have pictures to remind me of what they looked like, however wish I could remember all the little nuances of their personality at this stage. How the landscape has changed! 


  1. I totally know what you mean!!! Hailyn would never wear the headbands and her pigtails rarely stay in- ahhh- she was bald up until just a bit ago- luckily ryans cousin started a bow buisness years ago and well, her clips will hold hailyn's hair- they are alligater clips they tend to grip- it works amazingly for fine hair! I use an elastic and then a boy and viola! checl them out- forgigglesngrins.com it's on my fb page too I believe- yay for the girlsand clips!! try out these alligater clips they hold hair well with the 'teeth' feature:)

  2. Aw, precious!! My girls' hair is a lot thicker in the back than on top. They seem to be doomed to sport mullets for awhile until the front catches up! They love those little pop clippies too.