New Things

I'd like to announce the arrival of a new member to our family. (NOT PREGNANT. NOT. PREGNANT. Go ahead and re-read the not pregnant part, just to make sure- many thanks)

Anyway, meet Mallory: 

Mallory the Mazda. I love her. She's three rows of delicious driving peace and quiet. The twins are on the back bench, they have their own space and can't get tangled with each other. Little Man has an entire row to himself and thoroughly enjoys looking out the window. The enroute screaming has decreased dramatically.

I love the styling of the CX-9. No one is going to mistake me for a soccer Mom in Mallory! Ho, No! She's adorable, but with a dark side. She's edgy. Pretty much the cat's meow. I'm almost making up reasons to go out driving... almost, I have enough to do as it is. I have come pretty close to outright giving this car a big squeezy hug.

Also! My new peeper helpers came in, and they make me less headachy- plus I'm able to read the tiny print on everything!  I have never had the luxury before of noticing that everything has such hard edges! The overwhelming detail of everything around me is slightly distracting. Seriously, I can't stop looking at all the leafless trees-- so much intricate detail!

Of course my lofty plans to priss up and look semi decent were totally thwarted, and so I just took a hasty pic in the car. Nothing says sexy like a grey hoodie and lips that need some chapstick! 

I decided to add to my new look and get a much needed haircut. This turned out to be more difficult than expected as my previous stylist's salon closed unexpectedly and left me without a reliable stylist... again. I can't keep a hairstylist to save me! So I took a gamble and ended up with a stark raving lunatic wielding scissors. She literally told me (as she has three marriages to back up all this knowledge) that to keep my husband, I had to keep my hair long... cause that's all men want, a skinny wife with long hair. Apparently it's really important to keep up your impeccable appearance- even with three small ones- to keep your other half on board. (who knew?! I should be making time for all this primping! Curling! She asked if I'd ever flat ironed my hair- Um... not after the twins showed up, lady!) She did a decent job on my hair surprisingly. I'm not in love with it, but it will do. I am worried this crazy cutter somehow got my phone number out of me. Red flag for a potential stalker.

Big baby news! (AGAIN- NOT PREGNANT, PEOPLE) Little Man transitioned into this new big boy carseat. So far, we both love it. I highly recommend you pick one up, the Combi Coccorro! It's pretty great, and compact, and has fantastic safety ratings. I'll see if I can scare up an official product review out of this week for ya.

Forward facing is fun! 

Now onto the bad news: Somehow during the frenzied cleaning/packing spree I went on this week, I lost my wedding ring. It has been five days, and it's nowhere to be found. Everyone tells me it will show up somewhere eventally. I am doubtful of this- I had gone through an entire day of running from place to place, packing numerous boxes, and at the end of the day is when I realized something was amiss- so seriously amiss. Not only do I feel terrible, but it was kind of an... investment. One which I don't know if we can just up and replace. Then there's the sentimental value (hello! Wedding ring! Kind of a big day in my life)

I've been placating my sorrow by scouring the internet for interim solutions. How cute is this, guys?!

And it's only fifteen bucks! What a deal! I don't know how much longer I can resist! The only problem is that I'm not sure if it's exactly an everyday ring. Could be scratchy, or easily breakable with all the excessive wear and tear I perpetrate on my hands. 

This one's cheap-ish! 

Spin A Name Band from claychic- $63
I'd either have our names, or "For Time & All Eternity" (if that would fit) engraved on it... and it spins! How cute!

For something more serious (ie: expensive), I am in love with these two options: 

Sunflower Pattern ring from Downtothewiredesigns- $400

Filigree band from artisanlook- $236

And then there's the budget buster: 

Rose Garden Wedding Set from wexfordjewelers- $978
But it's so AMAZING! Of course. I wonder how much The Husband loves me... or would notice if the power was temporarily shut off... 

Ok. Enough swooning over jewelry. (oh,  just one more swoon for good measure... ok, done) 

Speaking of my favorite place on the internet, etsy. My Momma bequeathed the kids with quite possibly the best Valentine's present ever: (with a little hint from yours truly!)

Superhero Capes!

I am having trouble getting the girls to go anywhere without wearing them. They love them! I love them! (I just don't want them to ever wear out! Or get at all dirty! Pretty shininess!) 

They can be found on Everybodyshero's etsy shop for $28. They are totally reversible (even the monogram/insignia), they are quite well made, they are completely customizable, and again... AWESOME! 


  1. LOVE your new "wheels"! Can't wait to see the "NEW" you and the capes are terrific!!! Evan still has his!!!

  2. ok a couple of things- first of all I freaking love your new car!!! Holy hotness!!! Secondly I TOO lost my wedding ring- ahh!!! It sucks- I'm pretty upset too- and thirs I have a FABULOUS hair person whois VERY reasonably priced and BONUS! She works nights and weekends (great for hubbs to watch babies:) it's all good!! I'll send you info if you'd like!! you are awesome! and your overdo-ing it post- I second you! haha!

  3. LOVE Mallory.... she's perfect. I'm only a LOT jealous. I can't wait to get my dream SUV... someday :) And I vote you come here so I can do your herrr. Even though it looks smokin' hot in that pic! And more blonde? Maybe it's just me but it looks lighter, LOVE IT!