Mama's Boy

The differences between twins and a singleton are no joke. Also, I think there's a peppering of boys vs. girls in this curious blend of kids I've got. It's all so very different. The twins as babies and toddlers were highly independent. As in, get outta my way, Mama, I've got stuff to do! They also had each other, and I think that soothed them more than anything. Sometimes it made me feel bad that the girls didn't want to cuddle with me so much. I thought that was supposed to be the best part of Mommyhood- all the cuddling... like redemption from all the neon poop and sleep deprivation. (Thankfully, the preschool years have yielded plenty of cuddling requests)

Little Man is different. Oh so very different. (not short-bus different, don't get me wrong) He needs his Mama to comfort and soothe him through all of life's many challenges. (like strangers aggressively cooing at you) Sometimes he makes me feel so special, like nobody else in the world will do. Only I can make everything seem alright again.

Every morning when I pluck him out of his crib, he gives me a big hug. When he's tired and cranky, he makes a face, lets out a grunty sigh, and then plops his head on my shoulder. His little head lingers there and we have a little "moment." I just know he's saying "Oh, Mommy. Life is just so hard sometimes, but at least I have you." For me, time falls to the wayside and I can just feel all the love radiating from my heart to his.

That's what I look like during the ultra crabby hours before the kid's bedtime. It's about survival- not looking pretty. All hail the pony tail.

Man, I love this little guy like crazy. I can already tell we're going to have quite a special bond. 


  1. the snuggles are the BEST! Hailyn has since relented fewer snuggles and it makes me sad- it's the BEST! and ASHLEY according to your relationsip expert hairdresser you are supposed to have LONG hair curled every day to keep a man! haha! like she did with her three? hmmm??? cracks me up- and yes we are living VERY parallel lives here! dang girl you are busy! call me if you need anything- even someone to hang with the kddos!:)

  2. I totally agree with the difference of boys needing their mommy's more. I love it! It's a good different!