Thinking Outside the Bottle

This morning I took a shower. Stop the presses! I got a shower in! Cue the marching band!

I then proceeded to accidentally squirt out too much facial cream onto my palm. I applied what I could to my face, and then stared at all the extra left over. It wasn't the most expensive stuff in the world, but it seemed like a waste to just wash it off my hands. That's when the crazy thoughts started up. The little jar of cream was printed with catchy verbs like "ultra lifting!" and "immediate firming!" along with "deep wrinkle treatment!"

I slathered the rest on my belly. My midsection could use all the lifting! and firming! action it can get. I've also convinced myself that stretchmarks are just really deep wrinkles.

Act of desperation? Or ingenuity?


  1. ingenuity- if it's good enough for my face which the WHOLE WORLD SEES it's good enough for my belly- and I hear you on the stretch marks! GRRR!!! I despise people who don't get any...it's simply not fair...

  2. Ingenuity at it's finest! Judging the amount my stomach has stretched over the last 7 months, I may need the details!

  3. You rock. I'm so glad other people out there have "deep wrinkles" on their bellies too. :)

  4. I did the same thing once...I still use it for those areas...LOL!