Product Review: Happy Baby Pouches

Perhaps I am sort of a slacker Mom. Who am I kidding? I AM A SLACKER MOM. I am totally, completely, utterly, definitively, and let's make sure we're clear on this- so done with spoon feeding the baby. Having to sit there for however long Little Man decides to eat his meal, making sure he doesn't spit it all back out, containing the mess when he does decide that having a mouth full of green bean puree is the perfect time to start blowing raspberries, I am just so done!

Like most major steps in an infant's life, it's always new, fun, and exciting for about ten minutes. Then... your back to being a "normal" parent like the rest of us. For instance: Oh joy, he can crawl? Quickly turns to- oh crap, he can crawl! And; Aww, look! He only wants his Mommy, how sweet! Turns to- Dude! Get this kid off of me! You do know you have a father, right? And he would love to will take care of you if you'd stop screaming! And even; Bottle feeding? Great bonding time for us both. (wistful sigh with swelling orchestral music) That swiftly moves on to- Ugh! I am going to die sitting on this couch with a squirming baby. Why does daytime TV have to be so awful?! And that can of formula cost more than my yoga pants! And taking a break to do this every two hours is making it hard for me to do anything... like brush my teeth! You get the picture. (and if you don't- you will. Just wait)

So anyway, I enjoy fixing two plates of wholesome, healthy, delicious food, dropping them in front of the twins- then walking away... not too far away, just doing something else besides watching them eat. (It is even less fun than it sounds) Honestly, I'd rather make good use of the time and be productive while I have the kids contained at the table. (key word there: contained) It's a great time to do the dishes, blog about frivolous nothings, or get in a couple pages of Soul Pancake. (btw- you should start reading Soul Pancake. Easy to put down and pick up on a whim, and really makes your white matter rumble! Plus awesome arty art to google at)

So to summarize: I am ready to become less of an integral part in Little Man's every meal. (with every fiber of my being) What makes this prospect difficult is the fact that my baby has four teeth in total. For some reason, (most likely just to toy with my sanity) my babies acquire their teeth none too quickly which means they have a limited chewing capability for normal, non mashed up foodstuffs.

Enter! A credit card commercial I happened to notice! (An odd enough venue to find feeding solutions for Little Man, indeed) The commercial featured the business owners of Happy Baby. And their product? Nothing short of revolutionary. So much so, I am writing this review without any prompting or monetary compensation! (heh- that's the deal with all of my product reviews thus far)

nom nom... no mess!

Ok, yes. I know you are supposed to take the purple lid off. But, being the stellar blogger I am, I forgot to take a picture of Little Man actually eating out of the pouch. (I was buying stuff off the Gymboree clearance sale at the time- see what I mean?! Multitasking! Yay!) Do you see his tray? That is the exact amount of mess the kid made whilst gobbling down his butternut squash and apple pouch. Now that is a mess I can live with, people! He needed minimal support doing so. He dropped it over the side once, and at the end I pushed out the remaining food. It was such a refreshing change of pace!

Ok- so what exactly is this stuff? It's organic. It's basically like the regular babyfood you buy in a jar and spend hours of your precious life spooning into your child's mouth- except it's genius in a squeezy pouch! So they can do it for themselves! (until they learn how to use utensils or whatever) I was worried about what Little Man would do when given the pouch, (my first thoughts were along the lines of fingerpainting all over himself, the highchair, and my kitchen table) and I do not exaggerate, I showed him the drill once- and he got it! No learning curve whatsoever. And this is the same kid that still insists he cannot hold a sippie cup at the right angle to get any fluid out, despite his age and what his mother knows of his hand eye coordination and dexterity, yet he sits there with his mouth agape like a baby bird while I hold the cup for him. (I am working on this predicament, also!)

Anyway, Happy Tot pouches come in a ton of flavors and age ranges, and while I haven't tried it "on the go" just yet, I'm sure it will be brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! I may just have to blog about it again. (because seriously, where do you put a dirty baby spoon when you're eating out or trying to get in one last errand before naptime? I have about ten zillion little plastic bags containing dirtied spoons just sitting in my purse- waiting for me to get with the program and throw them in the washer- it's a dumb system) Happy Baby as a whole has quite the variety of other food items as well, from puffs, to melts, and all sorts of munchies, their website also says they have frozen stuff too! Could you ask for more? No- you really couldn't. And if you did, you'd just be greedy. 

Ok, seriously. One of the best parts about these pouches? I don't have to schlep down to Whole Foods to pick some up! (while you can get them at "Whole Budget") I found them at Target! And the good people at Target, predicting my every whim a week ahead of time, had already sent me a coupon for them too!

Thank you, Happy Baby! Supporting my lackadaisical parenting! I may just come over there and give you a big smoochin' (watch out, now!)


  1. I WISH they had those with Hailyn!! It was a pain hauling bottles of baby jars- HEAVY HEAVY bags with an infant in tow- and the glass- oh my made me nervous- and I had to buy a LOT (not I wasn't a mommy that made her own food- shoot me- I know- I have TONS of other things to do- so yes my child ate gerber) anyhow those seem awesome!!

  2. if you HAVE to do baby food not packaged like this (which by the way, i LOVE these) you can always stash that dirty baby spoon in a Spooneez utensil holder (mini & travel size). Look us up: www.rollupthemess.com!!