My New BFF

I am completely and totally smitten with Apple. Oh Steve Jobs, how do you know me so well? How can you make such a simple little gadget that makes me so uncategorically blissful? Either you know me too intimately, or I am just like the million other consumerist drones who live the apple lifestyle and eat Ramen for dinner because their notebooks cost more than a small automobile.

You see, I had been going back and forth about the new cell phone switchover. I balked at the added $60/mo. expense just to have a smarty pants phone. Much less the cost of the actual phone! I cheaped out and still, to this day, despise my new phone. I yell at it constantly. I put it in timeout for being so lame and obnoxious. It is the redheaded one legged stepchild of our family. It should sleep in the wee closet under the stairs.

Well anyway, I figured out a solution to my lameosity: ipod! My old one (ahem, seven years old) was circling the drain. It no longer allowed me to turn it off. Bad sign. (I may have been cursing Apple at that point, I expect my things to last forever) Something had to be done, nonetheless. Music is a staple in our house- that and bouncy tutus. A compromise? A brand new ipod touch. And yes, it was immeasurably difficult to press the "finalize order" button. It was a large chunk of change, and I wasn't 100% sure that it would even live up to my paltry expectations. Sadly, it cost about the same as it's cousin, the iphone. So there was at least that.

People. Love does not quite live up to the emotions I feel for this electronic device. It does EVERYTHING a silly iphone does. Except one thing. Make calls. So what? I can duct tape it to my rejectophone. And voila! Phoning AND mad internet/gaming/music making/kid occupying skills! I can surf the web, play music, download all the cool apps I've been drooling over. No monthly charge, (suck it, AT&T!) and I can use wi-fi, or my own wireless internet when at home. Freaking YES.

I took it with us to Bunny's eye doctor. Totally placated the wild things in the waiting room... and then in the exam room. Perfection! I can whip it out whenever I need a couple minutes of quiet time; for example when I'm in the kitchen with fire and knives, not the time I need to have two three year olds barreling around the island playing catch-the-twin-sister.

 Bang! Fruit Ninja. Saved. 

And no, dear reader. Mommy does not waste countless hours playing Collapse! during naptimes. Nay. Mommy does chores. Lots and lots of chores. (wink, wink)

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  1. My mom got an iPad for Christmas and we spent a ridiculous amount of time playing fruit ninja. LOVE.