(re) decorating

Glass bulbs? Babyproofing no no. Baby's actual toys? Score one awesome idea brought to you by twin ingenuity. Most of them already come equipped with a handy dandy attachment piece- usually used for tagging on infant carriers. Perfect for hanging on branches within arms reach.

Isn't the grey kidpen just a delightful dose of holiday cheer? Yes, I think so too. Really classes up the hastily lit  and scantily decorated tree. I was dreaming of the year when I could put up a tree without a gated perimeter. It was then I realized the barrier served more than one purpose. Sure, it kept Little Man and his tiny prying hands away. But it also kept the presents a good distance from the dog who likes to pee on everything. So I may be stuck with the pen. Around my tree. No matter how gorgeously I may decorate it. The beauty will always be marred by the faux chain link. Awesome.

And speaking of trees; here's a real TREE! 

Ornaments the size of your head. That's the way to go! 

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  1. that tree is HUGE!!! Yaoza!!! I know what you mean about the gate- we dont put present under our tree for various reasons- and the entire bottom of our tree is undecorated and ornaments are scattered about the house- sigh- we have a gate- didn't use it- sigh