The Past 24 Hours

In the past 24 hours I...

- was convinced by my mom that I needed to talk to a couple doctors about a few things. (she's the brains behind his operation. I'm way too chill. Or rather... I just sit and fret while doing nothing about it)

- confirmed that Bunny no longer needs the eye drops. When the doc told me this, I squealed. I don't think she was prepared for that much glee.

- have stripped and washed three sets of linens. The girls are going through a wet bed phase. I suspect it is similar to Picasso's Blue Period, just with more pee.

- came down with a suspicious fever and started feeling pretty awful.

- used Gerber puffs and Cheerios in excess to placate the baby.

- got a couple tests ordered; blood and tissue samples taken. Then ate my weight in candy corn to feel better about it.

- went straight from the doctor's office to the post office. (convinced it isn't anything contagious)

- spent 40 minutes waiting in line to mail a package. Only to be told there was a "slight" chance said package would arrive at my in-laws' before Christmas. I had to take a gamble. It might not make it in time, but I saved myself twenty bucks. I live life on the edge, people. Besides, presents are just as fun to open after Christmas, right?

- finished all the presentry needed to pull of Christmas this year. Everything is wrapped, shipped, and/or hidden away in a closet waiting for the big night to arrive.

- have had to listen to the girls babble on about The Scratchy on twelve different occasions. Even got to visit him today. (oh joy)

- sat through 4+ hours of a really bad made-for-Lifetime movie with Lucy Liu. I desperately need to re-evaluate my television viewing standards.

- forgot about The Husband's birthday being today. We celebrated over the weekend with steaks and presents. But still. I wanted to at least say Happy Birthday as he went off to work. Instead I yelled at him for not taking out the trash and hogging the shower. Good work, best wife ever.

- thought about The Husband's birthday in the car, but decided it was tomorrow. (Facebook informed me I was wrong, thanks FB)

- put the kids to bed early. And will probably be doing the same within the next 24 hours.

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