In Lieu of a Card

Because Christmas cards are so not happening this year...

... and I am feeling progressively more guilty as I receive all the other, more organized families', gorgeous card creations...

... I give you the pictures we would have used, had I been any sort of "on the ball" this season! 

From the wildest, rootin' tootin'est, cowgirl-y twins either side of the Mississippi...

And the most adorable Sheriff in town... 

To all our families, real life friends, friends of friends, internet friendlies, and random stalkers we love and embrace...

We wish you the happiest of holidays in all of the wild, wild west! 

(Yay for saving on postage! And lack of hair-pulling from hard design decisions! For sending you all the love in the world- which we truly do; love ya to pieces- even though I'm a terribly large slacker who spent most of the card pre-season with other things of varying importance... only one of which includes wrangling these crazy cow-pokes day in and day out) 


  1. The pictures are adorable! Hope this year goes out with a bang for you. 2011 BETTER be better!!! :)

  2. Totally ADORABLE!! No need to waste stamps on us! Happy Holidays!

  3. CUTE CUTE pictures!! Oh my!!! and cards are overrated- remember I only do them if my cards are (ahem free) and then I buy stamps in November to avoid the budget issue that is december Crhistmas planning- anyhow CUTE pics!!

  4. oh my goodness those photos are adorable! the little sheriff outfits are too much!