My New Friend and Bad Marketing

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and energized for the day! I almost threw myself a little parade. Especially since The Cold Epidemic of 2010, I have had checkered sleep at best. So feeling rested- it was a special treat. I love sleep. I love sleeping in cold weather in a sweater two sizes too big, cocooned in the warm, heavy blankets that are probably never season-appropriate here in the desert.

I also found my new best friend this weekend on the market's shelves of sweety fatness: 

They are FANTASTIC. Like the caramel/coconut/chocolate Girl Scout cookies- but BETTER! MOISTER! A little escape from being yelled at by a three year old in the bathroom with orders to wipe her butt and pull up her pants. I highly suggest you pick up a box- or three.

Of course I know why I'd never tried these babies before. What kind of a name is that?! German Chocolate Cookie Ring with Caramel and Coconut? Doesn't THAT just roll off the tongue! What blantantly lazy marketing! Setting up these poor rings of deliciousness to fail. Shame on you, Little Debbie. (but please continue making them until the end of time- I NEED THEM)

1 comment:

  1. That is the worst descriptive cookie name I have ever heard. I would have never picked them up in the store, because I am not a German Chocolate fan. But now that you say they're like Girl Scout cookies...well, that changes things...