Wet Beds

Maybe I have not done enough research on the subject? I have tried to avoid the mountains of potty training manuals. I don't spend too much of my day obsessing over potty training. I'll cut right to the point: WHEN are kids expected to nap or sleep without completely wetting the bed?! The girls are pretty firmly potty trained during the waking hours, but let them catch some shut-eye? Pee. Everywhere. I'm actually headed out right now to buy some backup sheets as washing and drying everyone's bedding before bedtime is kind of difficult and involves me scurrying up and down the stairs multiple times in the evening. Backup sheets are needed.

The girls turn four (yes, four!) in January. Shouldn't they be able to control the pee? Maybe this is not normal and I should mention it to one of the -ologists? (yes, we're still doing that)

It is just that every time I go to wake up the chitlins, I find wet beds! Wet beds all around! And dealing with that much pee can wear on a person. A person already on the edge from The Great Glasses Hunt of 2010 and other more mundane things like The Amazing Effort of Keeping the Floors Clean. You know, stuff like that. I am sure my poor washing machine is probably screaming for a break, too. Nonstop washing can't be a good idea. (New washer? Yes please! More debt? Um, no thanks!) So bye! Off to buy more sheets!

Also- you will certainly get an earful from The Great Glasses Hunt of 2010 soon. Along with a boycott you can join in on! But I'm going to wait until I can post pretty pictures of the ONLY glasses that fit my little sweetie.


  1. I myself deal with the "wet the bed" issue with my 5, yes FIVE year old still. Mind you, it's not every night but at least once a week. The doctors told me it is perfectly normal for these accidents now and then. But boy are they NOT FUN! We try to restrict any liquid intake after 7:00pm, but it doesn't always happen. And getting up at 2 in the morning to wake him up and take him into go potty is just as much NOT FUN! Some kids take longer than others to overcome this issue. Grrrrrr!

  2. oiy!!! you've got lots going on! I'm gonna say your girls will eventually get teh concept- maybe they are heavy heavy sleepers? pullups just at night maybe? then reward them when they are dry in the am? hmmm I dont know Ihavent been there yet- but I can steal you away for a night for ice cream! :) cant wait to see glasses pics!!

  3. i've always understood that wetting the bed is a separate issue than potty training. like some kind of hormonal thing, i can't remember precisely. but my almost five year has never woken up dry in his life, and my doc says that even when he 100% potty trained (and we are SO CLOSE now!!), this will probably still be in issue for years, because it has nothing to do with control. we just have him wear a pull-up at night, and treat it as not a huge deal. :D

  4. I struggled with Natali wetting her bed up until about 4 months ago (knock on wood). I was very concerned as she is now 7. But two pediatricians (yes I got a second opinion) said it is normal up until the age of 8!!!! AKKK! Again she would only wet it once or twice a month but it was pretty much weekly/bi weekly until she was close to six before we finally got rid of the pull ups...hugs...(mind you pull ups ONLY at night...