Snippets of Squirt

I simply could not keep myself from posting these pictures of Squirt from Art in the Park. They are just so classic and embrace her essence so perfectly. Our little Squirt is very sensitive. And sometimes she will throw down whatever she is doing, run into a corner and pout like this: 

It is so rare that I can capture her moody moments with such precision. I love these pictures. No, she isn't smiling. But they still make me giggle inside. 

Squirt, I love you. 

In case some of you are wondering what happened next, here it is: 

Sisters: Melting my heart since 2007.


  1. Ooooooh! These photo's are precious. Ashley, you are such a good mommy AND photographer!!

    XO to all of you!

  2. Too cute! Thanks for keeping us posted on the twins.

  3. That is seriously the sweetest thing!