If I'm Not Posting

If I do not post anything of meaning today, it's because I found a fat, gigantic (probably pregnant or something) spider living just under my cabinetry. Said spider was on my arm for a minute there... an hour of spastic flailing and jumping about seems to have remedied that problem.

But now I have lost the spider. And I am finding more webs in the dark secret places of my house. (all at ground level... where the children play... of course)

So I am now on a giant spider hunt that has left me with an overturned kitchen, in which all of the appliances have been pulled out of their places, and I am in the thick of it with a flashlight and a flip flop. If I don't post in the next week, start to worry. That either means I'm still looking for the blasted spider, or it has already bitten me and I'm a goner.


I have found the nest. And I've radio'd for backup. I would suggest you find yourself a small mirror and look up the bottom side of your cabinets too. Like so:

Those sneaky spiders! Who would even think that a whole brood of icky, bitey spiders could be lurking right below the extra bottles of Windex?!

Also, I've had to throw my clothes directly into the wash and take a long shower just to be completely sure the big spider isn't crawling around in my hair. (a thought that crossed my mind, and ended up with me shaking my head like a bad hair band sunglasses and clippies flying everywhere when a little lock of hair brushed my cheek- I'm that jumpy now)


  1. blech! I'm the same way! I HATEEEEE spiders! Just reading your post had me brushing my arms and neck because I keep thinking there's something crawling on me... don't worry, there's not. Good luck with this. You're so brave.

  2. I hate anything that crawls! The bug guy for the ants will take care of spiders too.

  3. Eewww...I'm a little jumpy just thinking about the possibility of a spider in my hair!