The pediatrician gave us the green light to start Little Man on solids. I am ecstatic about this decision because now we can slowly wean him off the super-duper-expensive formula, thus freeing up $160 a month of The Husband's hard earned cash. (yes, it really does cost that much for the special formula. I. know.) I was hesitant though, because now we're officially starting a new "phase" and this phase is going to be a bit of a time suck for me... sitting there spooning a bowl of flake-oatmeal in his mouth, bit by bit. And it is one more small step towards becoming a non-baby.

The trial run went smoothly. Very encouraging.

The morning of "the first feeding," the girls were giddy with delight. They encouraged/distracted him through the whole journey. (a journey of which I took far too many pictures of, and forgot to spiff up the house, so you can see the clutter too. Oh boy, for you!) 

First solid feeding. Check.

It's a very odd feeling. Like I've been put into a time warp, and I'm watching these kids grow up at rapid speeds. The twins, while scarfing yogurt deftly with a spoon asked why the baby couldn't have his own spoon. "Why only Mama do spoon?" I believe was the exact inquiry. They answered their own question: "Because girls growing up? Girls are big?" 

Oh yes, girls are big. And it makes Mommy cry a little bit. I can just picture Little Man sitting at that exact table, messily spooning "yofurt" into his own mouth, all grown up. So now, I relish these little baby times. (and take a gazillion pictures of aforementioned times)

...because this scene is becoming all too faded and dusty in the recesses of my memory...

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  1. Precious pictures! He looks like he is enjoying his new food!