A Call

5:25pm. A call comes in from The Husband.

Me: Hello?

Husband: Guess what?

Me: You're gonna be home late... again.

(now I'm thinking about having to put all the kids down by myself- which happened every day last week, and so far this week... but then I have the sweet blissful hour to watch WHATEVER I WANT on TV... eating frozen yogurt. I can probably live with that)

Husband: Nope! I'm off! I'm in my car heading home right now! Wanna go out to dinner?

Me: Well, here's the thing. I feel gross, I'm still in my workout clothes, and I haven't showered in... um, two days. The baby is still sleeping, but he needs to eat in half an hour. The girls? Well the girls are still in their pajamas, minus the pajama bottoms. Both bottoms have been soiled during the day, and I've given up on pants for them. So take what you will from that and make your decision.

Husband: Um, ok. Well, I could help get the kids ready?

Me: Ok. I'll jump in the shower while the girls watch Curious George. Where do you want to go to dinner? Cici's?

Husband: How about The Cheesecake Factory?

Me: You've got yourself a deal, Mister.

So what if we didn't get seated and food in front of the girls before 7pm. I had a shower... AND got Cheesecake. (which I am paying for this morning, but have no regrets)