Looking Forward

I started the morning reading this post from Erin, Summer is almost over, and it got me all excited for what's ahead. Winter. That's what's ahead. (well in two or more months) But still. It is during October when I remember why I still tolerate living here. It's the blissful two weeks of fall and the barely two months of winter. Then the delightful, yet ominous, two weeks of spring. (Sadly, this is topped off by nine months of summer) Here are some reasons why I'm excited for the colder weather:

1. Hot Chocolate! Especially on a rainy day.

2. Rainy days! Monsoon season took a leave of absence this year. No rain. Only hot and slightly muggy weather. Gee, thanks.

3. Multitasking appliances! I love turning on the crock pot or the oven and also heating up the house all at once. I can heat the house and cook at the same time- brilliant! Does my air conditioning unit make dinner too? No. No it doesn't.

4. Soups! And chili. My favorite family tradition? Chili and cornbread while carving pumpkins for Halloween. Those are some of my best (and tastiest) memories.

5. Winter wear! I am constantly glancing wistfully at my hoodie sweatshirts hanging lifeless in the closet, collecting dust. How I long for them. Not to mention the kids wearing socks again. Are you aware of how dirty three year old feet can get in flip flops? Very. I love shopping for fuzzy pants, long sleeved shirts, feety pajamas, warm hats, scarves! Oh, it's so much fun!

6. Opening the windows! During summer, I keep the shades drawn, the shutters closed. This keeps the light/heat out as much as possible and our crazy huge power bill down by a couple dollars. I can't wait to throw open the windows and let the house breathe in the fresh, chilly air. Everything changes after that.

7. Being outside! I miss the outdoors. The slides are the park are so hot, they would burn the skin right off your legs. It would also be nice to run to Target without sweating like a menopausal old bag! I miss taking the kids for long walks in the morning.

8. Holidays! The summer lacks holidays. (besides my birthday and the 4th of July) There's Trick or Treating, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the kids' birthdays! All packed in a couple months of winterly fun.

9. Enjoying laundry again! I still do love the smell and feel of fresh laundry. It will always be a personal pleasure. Nobody likes a hot house, and the hot laundry room? It's a sweat shop in every single way. I will absolutely revel in the days when I can pluck warm sheets right out of the dryer, and slide in a warm bed on a cold night. There is nothing better.

10. Not killing plants! I envy all those with a green thumb. I want to grow things again! Remember this? Well, there has been a very sad chain of events that have led to this:


Although, this quite accurately represents what summer means to me! (how sad is that?!) 

Dear Winter- please come soon!


  1. I'm with ya', sista'! This summer heat has got to subside -- bring on fall!!!

  2. As soon as college football starts, I get the urge to pull out jeans and boots. Too bad it will still be 90 degrees for the first month of football season! And soups....yumm....I can't wait!!