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Second visit to the tooth doctor. (well, third for Bunny, but that was less of a visit and more of a trauma) The cute dental assistant girl asked if we could do a cleaning. I shrugged my shoulders. I knew just as much about what they would let her do as she did. It was either going to go one of two ways, the most likely way would be a big fat "could not treat" note in their folder. (I saw this done to another child just prior to my girls reaching the scene)
Somehow, the dental gods smiled upon us. The girls got through a cleaning AND and x-ray. I was astonished. Everyone present was equally astonished at how well behaved they were. Especially for being only three years old. It was the kind of moment every parent dreams about. Yes. That good. Here are some pictures!

Even though we've had the twins for (what seems like) an eternity, doing everything times two is always kinda weird. 

Dentist loot is the best. And there was plenty of it. 

After the fun trip to the "tooth doctor," we headed out to meet some friends at a kids' book reading. It was so much fun. But it was held in a... bookstore. People, bookstores are a dangerous place for me!  I have a serious love for the printed word that borders on fanaticism. My dream house would be lined, floor to ceiling, with shelves bursting with good books. The books that I've read, page by page, with love. So, of course, I bought books, and thought of buying books. The books that I wanted that were not on sale, I took pictures of to remember to pick up some time. 

I need to read the Michael Pollan books. But my time is short, and my interest tends to wan with books full of facts and lacking a story line. (not my usual- just the new me with children who now has a short attention span and can't think about serious things for too long) And the other one? Glenn Beck is a stark raving lunatic. And  anyone who publishes a book agreeing with me is a-ok. Plus, I'd love some fodder to throw at some of my crazy conservative/lunatic friends. (you know who you are- but I still love you- I promise) 

What did I come home with? These: 

i am neurotic (and so are you): Um, hi. There are other people out there who can't bear to touch cotton balls. And they are in this book. That's why I love it. It also makes me feel surprisingly sane. Awesome. 

Life in the Balance: This one intrigued me for a number of reasons 1) our family is currently navigating the maze that is elder care and dementia, 2) I think doctors are amazing and would love to hear how their lives work, 3) I'm hoping this is good enough to pass along to my Mom, 4) I find dementia to be heartbreaking. To have a better understanding of what it is like to slowly lose your memories and your self is something I need to gain. It will make me feel just a bit closer to and understand more of who my grandmother is now.

Can you Drill a Hole Through your Head and Survive?: I bought this for my Dad. (look away, Dad) I will be giving it to him on his birthday. It just screamed at me from the shelves. My Dad simply must know these things, and I'm sure he'll be all too excited to learn some crazy crap about stuff like this. 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat: It's pink, and sparkly, and the girls love the song.

One, Two, Cockatoo!: Counting! Birds! What's not to love? This was accompanied by two Preschool workbooks. (I dropped the ball big time on preschool- good thing we have another year- so I will be working with them myself!)

Rainbow Fairies: (sorry, couldn't find it on the interwebs) The girls have an affinity for all things princess, castles, and fairies. I try to steer clear of the annoying Disney stuff. Squirt insists on reading this one every day. 

I would have bought the whole store. This was the trimmed down version of my original purchase bin. They were all 75% off. So that helped. Yay Books! 

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