I Like Lists!

1. I think my lists have gotten a bit out of hand. Especially since I'm doing this whole post in list-form! I've got lists about what we're eating for dinner during the week, lists for groceries, Target runs, and Warehouse clubs. I've got lists of snack foods we have on hand for the kids, lists of doctors and appointments, lists for our small weekend vacation that I am singlehandedly turning into a complex storming of Normandy. I've got lists of chores! Chores for me, and chores for the husband. Lists of home improvement projects we need to get on.  It's out of control. The lists.

2. I've been so abnormally productive today. Especially since I am still in my pajamas, and it's well after noon. I prepared something BEFOREHAND- in advance of something. It's incredible. And way out of character.

3. I have, once again, used up all the space in my camera's memory stick. I freak out about scenarios like this. I may just die if I loose even one picture of the kids and their childhood. I'm like a hoarder in that way.

4. But I got resourceful! I found some empty CDs, I went through each and every picture since 2007- the year the twins were born- when my real life started. I deleted all the fuzzy or pointless pictures and then- and then I burned them all onto CDs by year. Like a normal organized person would have done years ago. So now, I can delete the pictures in the memory card and breathe a sigh of relief that I don't have to worry about the pictures.

5. I should start scrapbooking them... but that is... well, let's just be glad they are at least safe on a CD.

Would you like to see some pictures from this week? Yes? Of course you do!

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  1. Good job on the pictures! I did a big download/transfer to my external hard drive right after Christmas...but it's way past time to do it again. I'm gonna take inspiration and attempt to get it done this week!