From Storage to Playroom

I have a loft. I have three kids.

Two of these children are allowed to play with toys labeled 3+, along with their copious choke-able parts. One of these children is not allowed to play with such toys. (Are you following me? See where this is going?)

The girls need their own space to play/fight over toys, without Little Man present, but still within adult supervision. The only qualifying space is our loft, which looks out to the great room downstairs (it sounds much nicer than it actually is, I promise. This is no Buckingham Palace)

This is what the loft currently looks like: 

(a mess, a dumping grounds for all things without a home)

The only thing in this space that is staying is the swing. (that right there is the nap swing- vital to our daily operations) Everything else is going. I don't need that extra computer. (although, I do need the printer!) 
Ok. So there will be a small area for the computer stuff. And I don't have the slightest idea of what to do with the old blinds just lying there on the floor. (do you want these window coverings?) The rest is just crap. Oh, and a room partition I need to return to my parents. (sorry for keeping it so long, guys!) 

But here are my plans:

Storage! On rollers! (via West Elm
I might be able to find something even cheaper and add casters. Ikea? (I can't wait to go shopping at Ikea. It's a crime there isn't one single store down here)

Tall storage! (via Ikea!)
Everyone else has an Expedit bookcase except me. And that makes me weepy. As I said- no Ikea here. Crime.
(It'll be for stuff I don't want the twins getting into- like my printer... or all our tax documents from the past 7 years) 

Could my Mom help me sew this? Maybe! 
Or I could wuss out and buy them on etsy.
Or! I could see if I could hire a friendly seamstress to sew the bulk of it? 

And finally, gating off access to only those authorized (pretty much everyone but Little Man)
I actually already have this gate, but I need to do some "custom modifications" to make it fit right. This may involve my Dad and a saw. (trouble!)


  1. I hear ya! Creating a 3+ classroom and having a small baby now toddler is still a challenge but such is life- cant wait to see the new playroom!

  2. You know, there's an IKEA in UTAH!!! The kids love it just for the fun play place and yummy cinnamon rolls. I could wander around that place for hours-never actually buy anything-but wander while kids enjoy themselves in the cool play area.

  3. Yes- I am going to be raiding your Ikea. I just hope my Mom has enough room in their car to take it down! hee hee