Finding Canned Corn

Why is it so hard to find those tiny corns in a can?! I love the tiny corns. Love. Them.

But why is it the only ones I can find... well they make me think there's more than just "traces" of lead... or malaria? Really? Bells and Flower Brand? 

But they taste so yummy in a salad! 
(With beets! My second favorite canned... thing)


  1. I like to say about beets..."you can't beet 'um"... I have never purchased the tiny corns, but your salad combo sounds yummy!

  2. I believe we are the beet family. I like them to saturate my salad (or baked potato) until everything turns beet PINK!

  3. Funny, beets are totally my favorite veggie, pickled, fresh, canned, any way it doesn't matter!