A Craft and Giveaway

Everyone mostly just assumes I'm crafty. This is partially my fault... but only partially! (ahem, craftyashley) The fact is, I'm not! I am not crafty in the slightest. However, when I was creating my email account, I sat there, puzzled at what I wanted my email to be. There's always the standard myname123 or random numbers and/or letters, or whatever. But I wanted catchy! I wanted a certain ease for others to remember! 

I was listening to The Beastie Boys at the time. The song "she's crafty" came on. I love that song. It's hilarious. (She's crafty... and she's just my type!) And would you believe it, it rhymes with Ashley. Perfect.

Little did I know this would forever label me as the crafty one. As in... I am current on all my scrapbooking... look at that 'live, laugh, love' plaque I made over my front door... sure, ask me how to sew an apron... that kind of crafty. I am not that kind of crafty. (although I'm not the devious kind of crafty either. So whatever) 

But today! Today, my friends, I made something. Something I think you, too will want to make. Even if you aren't planning a summer roadtrip with kids, it would certainly come in handy on a car ride of more than ten or so minutes. 


I know! So cute! I can't remember which magazine it was, but in one of the many doctor's waiting rooms I have been in recently, I saw this idea and deemed it perfect for our little plane ride. 

Here is what you will need: 

A mint tin (or I found a metal gift card holder at the craft store)
Thin (non-cardstock) printed paper
white cardstock
Sharpie permanent marker
Magnetic paper
Mod Podge (and/or spray adhesive)

To start with, draw some facial features with the Sharpie onto the cardstock. (think Mr. Potato head) Don't forget fun stuff like hats, crazy facial hair, ears with earrings, or animal features like kitty whiskers. (get creative)
Adhere the sheet to the magnetic paper and let dry. 

While that's drying, trace out the shape of your tin box onto the patterned paper. Cut out and adhere with Mod Podge or the spray. Then Mod Podge the top so it's harder for kids to peel it off. (accidentally or otherwise) 

Cut out the facial features with scissors (obvs) and set aside.

I learned that in 110 degree weather, Mod Podge doesn't so much dry... as it just...  melts. Just saying. That's crazy. Also, try not to drop your tin with half-dry Mod Podge into the dirt. (I did this. I'm a klutz)

I bought the metal gift card holder after buying two Altoids tins. The card holder was to be my test dummy. (because I am a dummy, and it's in my best interest to test things first) Everything turned out more than ok, so I am giving it away. (more on that later) But it did have some challenges that the mint tin didn't. (as well as some features I liked)

There was an annoying print on the side. (see below) To fix this, I painted the sides (took two coats) and Mod Podge'd over it. The mint tin's side color matched my paper- what luck!

Also, the mint tin had printing on the back. (ick) so I covered the back with paper too. The card holder was plain on the back, so I left it as-is. I like the idea of having the option to put the face on the metal or the printed cuteness. 

Then put the little face parts in the tin and toss it in the car! (or the carry on bag) It should be hours of fun for little ones.

Now... onto the giveaway! I have an extra tin. I have to keep the two identical mint tins- or else the girls will revolt! So the big card tin is up for grabs! I've even cut out an extra set of face bits for it. 
If you want it, leave a comment by the end of Monday and I will announce the winner next Tuesday. Good luck!


  1. Love it! So cute! I would love to win even though my babe is still pretty young. It is soooo super cute! Good job!

  2. Soo cute! I am going to try and make these....I love using mod podge.

  3. I don't "craft. at. all. Therefore, i should win.

  4. Darling! But don't pick me because I cannot take one extra thing across the country.