At This Time

It is 3:52pm. I promised myself this morning that I would (a) get the painting finished- completed- as in, no more painting! Heavens above, I'm tired! (b) squeeze in a run to Target, Ace Hardware, and Petsmart.

I sit before you now... having completed these tasks. There are some paint drops on the tile that I need to get to. But that's it. (oh, and a hungry baby I need to feed- who happens to be screaming at me from his swing)

I'm pretty sure I did all this out of the sheer will for it to be done. Because I have a lot of trip-preparing for. And in hindsight, I'm telling myself how STUPID it was to start a huge project like painting the house shortly before embarking on your first vacation in almost three years.

But it is done, friends. It is done.


  1. ahhhh indeed it DOES feel good to comepte a task! can you pass along some of that motivation?

  2. congrats....you reminded me not to start white washing my kitchen cupboards....I love painting until I actually start and then have to finish it and cupboards would be the worst to not finish.