So Last Minute

What a shock- I spaced Father's Day entirely. And when my Mom reminded me on Friday... I forgot again! Madness. 

We braved the card aisle at Target this morning and picked out everybody's card. I started bawling in the aisles upon finding the perfect card for my beloved grandfather who passed away in February. I'm sure the rabid card buyers were a bit weirded out. Crazy lady in aisle 4! 

We picked up a few cute little goodies for both of the kids' grandparents (oooh the suspense!) and booked it out of there to get The Husband's hair cut, grocery shopping done, and all the zillion things we had to do today. (Saturdays... busy. Whew) 

But then I remembered something. I had nothing for The Husband. Nothing! And no ideas. I don't have time to go back and search for some nick nacky thing he doesn't need. (and possibly doesn't want- the man is the polar opposite of materialistic. This makes buying him gifts impossible!) 

So I quickly scoured the internet and found these coupons from Martha Stewart

After a few clicks and swipes with Photoshop, I got them just right. (I managed to resist downloading even more fonts!) And they are awesome. The original template was probably made more for kids. (I am certainly NOT washing his car. Not happening. I left the lawnmowing in there, 'cause I'm generous like that)  

So these are from me. As you probably guessed from the one for a little "service." (Sorry Mom...) 

I'm glad I found something he actually wants. Like the chance to pick the restaurant we eat at. Or some time of uninterrupted wii play. I think he'll be one happy daddy tomorrow! 

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  1. Ha! I like your coupons, and I had to laugh at the "service" one. : ) I got the card about two weeks ago (go me!), but no gift. I had no idea what he might need, but I knew he could pick out something yard-related. He's at Home Depot now; I'm sure he'll find something.

    That's awesome y'all made it to see Toy Story 3! I noticed my girls watching the commercial pretty intensely, so I thought I would get the first one on DVD and see if they like it.