Movie Time

We are not the kind to dash out and brave crowds for movie openings. But today... we were at the opening of Toy Story 3! While it wasn't the girls' first movie, (their second!) They were excited beyond all reason. I debated whether or not to diaper them... I didn't. We hurriedly tried to potty before the movie. No go. So we found great seats and watch a million previews. Then as the movie was coming up, Squirt leaned over and said "I need go potty." 


But being determined, I told her to hold it! 

Half way through the movie, each girl asked if we could go home now. (waaa? Movie time, girls! Have fun, doggoneit!) Thankfully, everyone stayed dry. And all the way home the girls told me the little snippets of the movie, like the baby who blows raspberries... the cowboy with his brown hat... it was sweet.

It was fun to be cool for an afternoon. We are not the last ones to see a new movie, now. Awesome.

Unexpected bonus? Renewed interest in the box of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head parts.

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