It's Supposed to be Fun!

Have you ever psyched your kids up for something you, yourself deemed fun and amazing? Isn't it great to be the parent that slathers on the sunscreen while the children are bouncing in excitement to (a) play with friends while (b) "swimming"  in water? I was so excited for the girls to go to playgroup this week. It was at a park, (which I'd never been to previously, but heard was huge) one with a water feature. I was particularly excited about talking with other adults! (my husband has been working late these days- and I am starved for actual conversation!)

Then we got there.

To the girls' credit- the water was shooting out of the ground- and it was shooting hard! Children right and left were running to their mothers claiming eye-shooting injuries!
But still. The girls were so not having fun! (I know this because I can recognize the signs: wandering around with heads down, avoiding other children, clinging to my legs... etc.)
And then neither was I... as the girls figured out it was much more fun to make mommy trek back and forth to the car and let one or the other go pee pees on the potty every five minutes!

So we left. There was no fun had. I was all basket case-y from being on only day two of potty training: on tour.


  1. I'm glad you came anyway! Next week we're doing a not so drastic water park, much less violent shots to the eyes. A little while after you left, we actually got kids to play for a while and got to actually talk (imagine that!) but please come next week! You're so fun we need you to come chat and entertain us!

  2. To make you feel better my oldest didn't like water parks until he was older. It drove me nuts, how can you not be having fun!? One thing for sure, the girls look so stinkin' cute in their suits!!!

  3. Wandering with their heads down??? That breaks my heart and makes me want to squeal with cute overload all at the same time. :)

  4. This is exactly how my girls felt about the beach! I was a little disappointed. I can see how those sprinkler-things would be a little scary though. That sad face is just pitiful!